Cold Pressed juice
with HPP Technology
Cold Pressed Juice
Cold,High Pressure
Processing (HPP)
HUES, Cold Pressed
Fresh Juice
HUES is produced from the best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables through the cold extraction process to get natural value, color and taste. No water added, no sugar added and no artificial flavors or colors.
Differentiated by high pressure processing technology. Vitamins, color and flavor are retained. Longer shelf life without changing the taste of juice.
HUES the best combination of cold processing techniques including cold, high-pressure technology. You can be sure whenever you drink HUES, you are immersed in vitamins and minerals from 100% natural.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are useful and necessary for the body. But most of the juice production process is often used as a method of heat sterilization to stop the growth of microorganisms and stop enzymes until the bacteria is killed to extend the shelf life of fruit juice for a long time. But the consequence is nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants are damaged or reduced.

HUES first and only cold pressed fruit juice in Thailand with world class technology. We produced from the best quality fresh vegetables and fruits through the cold pressing process with high-pressure processing technology (HPP). Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms cannot survive in the high-pressure environment. But HPP preserved with its vitamins, enzymes and nutrition value in fact and a delicious flavor and texture of fresh juice. HUES can also be retained for a long time without the need for any preservatives or additives. You can be assured that all bottles are packed with vitamins and 100% natural.